Dungeon Mode! 

28 November 2018 at 21:36

A new challenge is here for you: Dungeon!

It can only be entered once daily and the party cannot be changed in any way (no formation, heroes or items change) so please be careful about your selection.

The experience is boosted and there is no level penalty appled so taking your best lineup is the best bet!

Gold drops are also boosted & the loot is also improved: way more potions & rare/epic drops (no commons!).

Please note that battles there count for the daily quests so it might help there.

If you die or quit the battle, you return to the usual adventure world. If you defeat all enemies then a guard enemy appears and if you are successful - new level gets unlocked.

Complete all 5 levels and you are out of the Dungeon with all the rewards!

The starting difficulty is Easy and once you complete it, Normal difficulty gets unlocked. Hard difficulty was added as well and balance changes are expected to be made.

Have fun exploring & good luck in battles!
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