Balance Update #2! 

16 October 2018 at 15:42
More Health for Heroes!
Health growth is not as linear as it was, and the stars have more impact too.

AoE damage reduced
AoE (Area of Effect) skills were a bit too dominating and overpowering - this changes with this update. It affects the skills of Enemies as well.

Enemies use their Skills only from 2nd Round
No more AoE incoming from Enemies in the 1st Round which wiped all your party.
Hopefully, this will open room for more strategy & tactics.

Mana Potions removed
To keep things balanced, mana potions were completely removed as they dictated the gameplay style way too much.Please note that all existing Mana Potions were converted into Health Potions.

Skills Boost from Gear is capped at 50%
The additional boost is already big enough and changing the overall balance. This encourages to spread out the boosts on more skills.

Passive ability updated: critical damage chance is 10% (was 16%).

Passive ability updated: critical damage chance is 15% (was 25%).
Critical chance of Daggers was decreased a little bit.

Lets see how this changes are working in practice & good luck to everyone playing!
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